Helpful Links

Community Information

The official website for the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts linking you to a vast
resource of information on any of the 351
cities and towns in the state.

Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator will provide an
estimate for FHA, VA, or Conventional Loan
amounts, monthly payments, down payments,
and closing costs for your desired sale price.
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Tom Barrett
Fitzgerald & Associates

Cell: 508-423-3773
Fax:  978-447-1053
Home Inspectors

The official website of the Office of
Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations
provides information on home inspection
licensing, statues & regulations, local
licensed professionals, and much more.
Home Improvement

The leading independent home
improvement and home repair website
features a broad list of topics, how-to
content, and community forums.
Specially Designated
Nationals List

The office of Foreign Assets Control, as a
division of the United States Department of
the Treasury, enforces sanctions against
threats to national security.
Free Credit Report

The Fair Credit Report Act requires the three
consumer reporting companies (Equifax,
Experian, and TransUnion) to provide you
with a free copy of your credit report once
every 12 months.
Home Insurance

The official website of the Office of
Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations
Insurance provides substantial information
on homeowners insurance.

Sex Offender Registry

The official website of the Executive Office of
Public Safety and Security maintains a
database of convicted sex offenders who live
and work in the community.

“Tom was with us
through the entire  
process, answering
EVERY question along
the way.  Sometimes
we felt as if we were
asking insignificant
questions, but he
made us feel that all of
our questions were